What is Exercise Physiology?

Learn how our exercise physiologists can help you

Exercise physiology is all about helping people achieve their best physical selves. Exercise physiologists from Heart Health and Fitness help different people such as athletes who want to reach their optimum fitness, patients who need to recover from chronic health conditions, or people who want to lose weight.

We don’t provide a generic approach in our services, so we encourage our future clients to show up for an initial consultation.

“If exercise were a pill, it would be the most widely prescribed drug.”


We take a holistic approach to your care.

That means that we don’t just go through your physical function, abilities and pain points. We also assess your diet, mental health and other lifestyle behaviours (e.g. smoking and drinking habits).

We then use this information (as well as your health and medical history) to come up with a personalised journey to achieve YOUR goals. Whatever they may be. And if you are unsure about what you want to achieve, we can help you with this as well.

We help you track your progress and understand what exercise types and intensities are safe for you.

There’s definitely no one-size-fits-all approach to your health and well-being journey. So, let us help you get on the right path to success.

HeartFit Express

“All the usual aspects of cardiac rehab (exercise and lifestyle education) in a fraction of the time.”


This 4-week lifestyle program will give you the skills and knowledge to be able to exercise independently and live a heart healthy lifestyle that (hopefully) doesn’t seem like a burden. This program will consist of 3 sessions per week, 45 minutes per session. One session will be a workshop and the other 2 will be exercise sessions. The workshops will discuss:

  1. Motivation and goal setting: The surprising things that actually motivate us and how to set the right goals
  2. Nutrition Part 1: Australian Guide to Healthy Eating and reading food labels
  3. Nutrition Part 2: Meal planning and preparation, where to find healthy recipes
  4. Mental Health: Positive psychology, stress management and improving sleep

Cost: $247 (valued at $387)

Length: 4 weeks, fixed dates (terms)

Delivery mode: Face-to-face

Why: Get more supervision and support for exercising safely, plus “crash course” in cardiac rehab, lifestyle education and exercise.

What does it involve: 2 d/wk 45-minute group exercise class (check in/out), 1 d/wk 45-minute education and activity workshop

Features / benefits:

  • Individual consultation at the start of the program
  • Face to face delivery
  • Group exercise classes twice per week
  • Group workshop once per week
  • Express timeline
  • Take-home workbook
  • Re-assessment session

The next program starts on Monday 27th July, 2020. So get in quick to secure your spot and complete your assessment before it starts.

Strong Hearts Online

“We help you lay down the right foundations towards a heart healthy lifestyle, then guide you through the implementation process to help make it stick.”


The Strong Hearts program is 12-week online program for people who have had a heart attack or surgery and want to use exercise and lifestyle changes to regain their confidence, boost their physical and mental fitness while connecting with health professionals and patients in similar situations.

Topics include meal planning, stress management and knowing your heart attack action plan.

Cost: $397 (valued at $437)

Length: 12 weeks

Delivery mode: Online

Why: To help you understand your cardiovascular disease, behaviour change and heart healthy lifestyle (diet, exercise, psychology). And to help you implement a heart healthy lifestyle and access online group exercise classes.

What does it involve: 30-45 minutes per week for education and activities, plus access to group exercise classes online 5 d/wk from Week 5 or personalised home program (monitored through our phone app), plus access to Strong Hearts Society.

Key benefits: online, flexible learning and timeframe, maintain contact, guidance with implementation

Features / benefits:

  • Includes individual consultation at the start of the program
  • Short, weekly workshops
  • Flexible
  • Self-paced
  • Online
  • Access to Strong Hearts Society
  • Access to online group exercise classes from Week 5

To find out more or to get started, click this link. Please note, you will be taken to another site where the program is being hosted.

HeartFit For Life

“Choose your focus and we’ll guide you through the implementation.”


Do you need more support to make sure you stick with your health and fitness goals? Then this package is perfect for you! In your first consultation, we’ll figure out the pain points you want to work on then come up with your personalised journey to achieve your goals. We’ll keep you on track with regular check ins and reassessments over the 6-month program.

Cost: $329 (valued at $411) – that’s 20% off!

Length: 6 months

Delivery mode: Face-to-face

Why: Get more support to exercise safely and progress your home or gym program appropriately

What does it involve: 3x assessment sessions to track your progress and 3x phone call coaching sessions to keep you accountable and on track (assessment, 2x coaching calls, reassessment, coaching call, reassessment)

Features / benefits:

  • Baseline assessments (physical, diet, psychological)
  • Report on assessment outcomes
  • 3x 1:1 phone coaching sessions
  • 2x re-assessment sessions
  • Monitoring exercise program using our phone app

HeartFit For Life VIP

“All the benefits of the 6-month program with the extra supervision to help you achieve your high performance goals.”


Want more supervision while you try to tackle increasingly difficult movements or higher exercise intensities? This program has all the benefits of HeartFit For Life but is better suited to those who want to return to a higher level of performance. Whether you want to return to your chosen sport or want to fast-track to progress towards your big fitness goal (such as running a long distance event or completing a triathlon for the first time), this program will ensure you stay on track and progress your training safely and effectively.

Cost: $393 (valued at $462) – that’s 15% off!

Length: 6 months

Delivery mode: Face-to-face

Why: Get more supervision and support for exercising safely and progressing your home or gym program appropriately

What does it involve: 6x monthly 1-hour sessions (assessment, 2x training/coaching, reassessment, training/coaching, reassessment)

Features / benefits:

  • Baseline assessments (physical, diet, psychological)
  • Report on assessment outcomes
  • 3x 1:1 training and coaching sessions
  • 2x re-assessment sessions
  • Monitoring exercise program using our phone app

Strong Hearts Society

“You’ve got the foundations and you know what to do, let us help to nail down the implementation so that it becomes second nature.”


The Strong Hearts Society is a membership for people with heart conditions looking to use exercise and lifestyles changes to improve their health and well-being. Each month we focus on a different topic and guide and support you through the implementation process. We don’t give you a ton of information and then expect you to know what to do with it.

Cost: $25 per month

Length: Ongoing

Delivery mode: Online

Why: With all the information available, both online and offline, how do you know what to believe? Let us help you cut through the mess.

What does it involve: Join our weekly live, online exercise classes; monthly topic, idea or discussion; and weekly accountability.

Join our monthly membership to get access to:

  • Live exercise classes (9:30 am AWST, Monday to Friday)
  • All previously recorded classes
  • The Strong Hearts Society Facebook group
  • Online peer support group
  • Weekly accountability
  • Masterclasses and workshops


We have 3 types of classes to suit your needs and abilities:

  • Back to Basics (beginner)
  • Challenge Me (intermediate / advanced)
  • Balanced Body & Mind (stretching and balance)

9:30 am – 10:00 am


9:30 am – 10:00 am


9:30 am – 10:00 am


9:30 am – 10:00 am


9:30 am – 10:00 am

Group Classes

Online group class membership: $25 per month (no lock-in contracts)



4-week program: $247



12-week program: $397


Face to Face (in clinic) Consultations: $87
Telehealth Consultations: $70*
Telephone Consultations: $50*

*Bulk billed with an Enhanced Primary Care plan through your GP.

You may use the booking feature to join a workshop at Heart Health Center or call us on 0484 098 227 if you have more enquiries.