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If you are an Australian doctor, chances are you have patients who suffer from chronic conditions and who may benefit from exercise physiology.

If you need an allied health professional to help you manage patients suffering from cancer, cardiovascular disease, mental health, arthritis, back pain, lung disease, asthma, or diabetes, you should first understand why an exercise physiologist can be an important part of your team.

Why You Need this Exercise Physiology Guidebook

This guidebook will help you learn:

  • Important facts on chronic conditions
  • How exercise physiologists can help chronic conditions
  • Benefits of exercise programs for patients
  • How to get started with an exercise physiologist
  • GP and Medicare referrals

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    Is This Really Free?

    Yes, no need to pay anything. We just want to share important knowledge that we hope you’ll find useful in your practice.

    We only ask that you please keep Heart Health and Fitness top of mind, should you have any questions related to exercise physiology!