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iHeartFit – transformation


Thank you for all the wonderful comments and questions. I definitely see a trend of being worried about pushing too hard and causing more damage or another event. We will definitely cover this in the online heart rehab program.

Yesterday, I discussed the benefits of starting small, almost ridiculously simple, habits and how these could transform your life. I even gave you 2 exercise ideas to get you started: walk for 5 minutes (at a pace where you can talk but not sing) and stand up and sit down 5 times in a row without using your hands. You can even do the second one on the toilet.


I know a lot of people are worried about safely exercising on their own with a heart condition but are also, understandably, worried about going out into the community with COVID floating around.

This is exactly why I developed iHeartFit, to help people with heart conditions regain their confidence, improve their heart strength and do it all safely from home.

iHeartFit will give you back a sense of control over your health and freedom to choose how you do that. We will guide and support your journey to find the best fit for you and your circumstances. Whether you’re raising a family of 4 or trying to feel your best while working, studying and enjoying life. We will give you the tools and skills to confidently live your life as you want to.


My name is Dr Nikky and I’m an exercise physiologist who has been helping people with heart conditions regain their confidence, improve energy and reduce pain for over 10 years. I love a challenge and want everyone to feel heard, understood and confident in their health journey.


Yesterday I told you that holistic health is supported by 3 important pillars: exercise, nutrition and mental health.

Today we are going to discuss nutrition. This is a massive area and always changing but there are some easy tips to keep you on track.

  1. Write a weekly meal plan – and stick to it
    1. Plan meals that use similar ingredients to minimise waste
    2. Write a list and only buy that – don’t walk down the other isles
    3. If you can, cook enough at dinner to have lunch the next day as well
  2. Eat more fresh food – fruit and vegetables
    1. Shop mostly from the outside of the supermarket
    2. If you aim to eat 5 serves of veggies per day, good luck being hungry for much else
      1. 1 serve = ½ cup cooked veggies or 1 cup salad
    3. Eat less processed foods – reduce salt
      1. This will automatically reduce the amount of bad fats, salt and added sugar in your diet
      2. Remember if it’s not in the house, you won’t eat it


The iHeartFit program does not focus solely on exercise. We also teach and discuss nutrition in pre-recorded videos, group coaching calls and will give you ideas of heart healthy recipes.

There are no lock-in contracts so whenever you feel confident enough to venture out on your own, you can. We consider this a win! Alternatively, you can also stay as long as you want and we will keep updating and adding content and ideas.


Tomorrow I’m going to chat about the third and final pillar for holistic health; mental well-being.

How a simple shift in mindset can make all the difference, and the power of yet.


Comment below if you have tried “diets” before that may have worked short term but for one reason or another didn’t work long-term. Which diet or diets have you tried and why didn’t they work for you? OR what has worked for you?

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